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The Internet is perhaps the only place that can reach so many potential customers for so little investment. Any good marketing plan should include a presence on the Internet. Standard Web Hosting addresses your website as With Virtual Web Hosting, you are able to be addressed by potential clients at, giving your website a more professional, corporate appearance.

Our virtual domains are hosted on one of our least-utilized servers connected to the Internet directly at speeds above full T1's (1.544 Mbps). This means that instead of paying for a higher-bandwidth connection to your office and hosting your own website, you can have it hosted in a secure, monitored premises thereby eliminating the need and cost for a high-speed connection. Our state-of-the-art datacenter is located on multiple, redundant fiber links to a fiber circle encompassing the greater Seattle area.

Should you want to take on the responsibility of hosting your own website, our consultants are available to help you get connected with dedicated Internet access, make recommendations on site configuration, and provide technical assistance. Onsite support, integration, and consultation is handled by our experienced and certified technicians. Feel free to Email us should you have questions.

What You Get

  • Domain name maintenance, including transfer and configuration
  • FTP and/or FrontPage login for site maintenance
  • Option for anonymous access to
  • Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions (Virtual Hosting Only)
  • Custom CGI scripting capabilities (Virtual Hosting Only)
  • Unlimited monthly throughput (subject to change if abused)
  • Up to 100 MB server storage for web files
  • Support for email routing to
  • Thorough, detailed usage statistics, including:
     - Number of visits, and number of unique visitors,
    - Visits duration and last visits,
    - Authenticated users, and last authenticated visits,
    - Days of week and rush hours
         (pages, hits, KB for each hour/day/week),
    - Domains/countries of hosts visitors
         (pages, hits, KB, 266 domains/countries detected),
    - Hosts list, last visits and unresolved IP addresses list,
    - Most viewed, entry and exit pages,
    - File types,
    - Web compression statistics
         (for mod_gzip),
    - Browsers used
         (pages, hits, KB for each browser/version, 78 total: Web, Wap, etc),
    - OS used
         (pages, hits, KB for each OS, 31 OS detected),
    - Visits of robots
         (307 robots detected),
    - Search engines, keyphrases and keywords used to find your site
         (90 famous search engines detected like yahoo, google, altavista, etc),
    - HTTP errors
         (Page Not Found with last referrer, etc),
    - Other personalized reports based on url, url parameters, referrer field for miscellaneous/marketing purpose.


Web Hosting Package
One-Time Setup
Monthly Charge
(Includes DNS)

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